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Link to Article by Christian Palestinian on Al-Nakba

Melkite Batholic Church in the Village of Albassa, home to Christian Palestinian Nimer Haddad.

MPT 2011 International Peace Team members are currently in preparation and training.  In the meantime, we will occasionally share links or stories of interest on this blog (which is usually reserved for MPT Peace Team field reports).  Please check back in coming weeks for more links, as well as introductions to upcoming team members and news about our next team(s).

The following is an excerpt from a personal story by Nimer Haddad, a Palestinian friend of MPT:

I come from a Christian Palestinian family. My parents were members of the Melkite Catholic Church in Albassa Village. I’ll be describing to you shortly the kind of life the Christian Palestinians of Albassa Village had before 1948, and during the tragic events of 1948 that Palestinians call “Alnakbah” which means the “Catastrophe”, and the life in Diaspora with all its inhuman suffering.

I still remember as a little kid how one of my older sisters was seriously shot on her way from her Uncle’s house. She was only 16 years old. I saw neighbors carrying my wounded sister home. She needed immediate hospitalization. My parents and cousin Yousef Haddad were unable to take her to the nearest hospital in Acco city because the road to that city goes through the Jewish coastal city of Naharia, which was blocked for traffic....

You can read the rest of Nimer's story online by clicking here.  This story was shared on www.olivesforhope.com, a blog by Catherine Young (an American who has traveled in Palestine).  Linked by persmisson of Nimer Haddad.

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