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Iraq Burin: Closed Military Zone

Iraq Burin, a village a few miles to the southwest of Nablus, lost more than 25 acres to the illegal Israeli settlement of Bracha and prohibited from entering another barrier section which contains a well. This village is the scene of frequent incursions of settlers, hurling rocks with sling shots and Israeli soldiers who shoot tear gas canisters shattering windows in homes when children are present. Since 2009, residents of this small village have gathered to resist the theft of their land and the attacks to raise their voices against the occupation. In March 2010, two youth were killed, shot by the Israeli Occupation Forces, in a peaceful demonstration.

[For a report of the shooting of the 2 youth by the UNESCO Chair of Human Rights, Democracy and Peace at An-Najah National University] see http://stopthewall.org/enginefileuploads/content/iraq-burin-r.pdf ]

On July 10th in the outskirts of Iraq Burin, Palestinian and internationals peace activists gathered in front of the Israeli blockade into village. To control the Saturday protests that continue weekly as in Bil’in, the Israeli army closes of the village, declaring a closed military zone for 24 hours to stop journalists and peace activists from entering the villages.

Many international peace activists still find alternate ways into the village to document the violence the military perpetrate on the villages. MPTers also noticed that twice the Palestinian police car passed by the demonstration. What their role was is not certain.

Below is raw gonzo footage of Palestinians and international peace activists during the demonstration on July 3rd. They faced the Israeli army shooting tear gas directly at them from the top of the hill.

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