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Settler Incursion into Huwwara

At noon, April 29th, more than 50 settlers from the illegal Israeli settlement of Yitzar entered the hilltop edge of the Huwwara village. The family, whose home settlers terrorized, stoning and destroying four window panes, told MPT that the settlers were present in the area about twenty to thirty minutes.

After stoning the beautiful huge family home, the settlers moved over to the village hillside park area. This wonderful children’s park was built with USA AID money.Settler broke street lamps and a lamp at the entrance. They stole the loud speaker and lights.Many villagers and the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrived at the park at about the same time as the settlers, which may have saved the park from any serious damage. The IOF only watched as the settlers moved through the park and then back over the hill. The family stated that olive trees near the settlement had also been burned. [There are some news reports of arrests of settlers afterwards, however.]

The village of Huwwara just over the hill from Yitzar, the illegal Israeli settlement, has had fairly recent incursions of settlers who burned two cars and disfigured the mosque. The IOF has invaded homes at night and arrested several youth in the past month. [See previous blogs] The Palestinian media reports on the incidents, but there is no legal recourse against the terror inflicted on the Huwwara villagers.

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