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MPT Gaza Team Dec 27-Jan 1, 2010 for Freedom March

Remember our friends in Gaza this Holiday Season,
and check our blog at
regularly for updates from our team.

Six Michigan residents, members of Michigan Peace Team, are preparing to travel to Gaza and take part in the Gaza Freedom March. Over 1,000 participants from countries around the world, and more than 50,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are expected to join the December 31, 2009 march inside Gaza.

This march is a historic initiative to demand that the borders of Gaza are opened, ending the siege that has imprisoned the 1.5 million people who live in Gaza. It is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s Great Salt March, Martin Luther King’s civil rights actions in the United States, and the nonviolent efforts of Palestinians over the years.

Dorothy Ritter says “I believe in the power of non-violent resistance in the face of inhumanity. I stand in loving solidarity with the people of Gaza and the international community to join the demand for justice and human rights. .."


Contact us at: Nicoler.mpt@gmail.com if you are interested in supporting our team by volunteering to host a speaking engagement when they return, donating funds, or finding other ways to show your support.

For more information from CODE PINK, who organize hundreds of activists for this March, click here: GAZA FEEDOM MARCH- CODE PINK WEBSITE.

Also- read about MPT's participation at our website: http://www.michiganpeaceteam.org/Gaza_Freedom_March.htm.

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