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MPT Summer Team Arrives Satefly in WB!

MPT is pleased to announce that all five members of the first session of the 2009 Summer Team to Palestine/Israel (Adam, Beth, Grant, Talia, and Whitney) have arrived safely in the field as of this morning. They will be traveling to their home base location in the West Bank soon.

They will be joined by their 'second session' team members (Nancy and Loretta) later this summer.

Please watch for blog posts here very soon about their progress and their work!


MaryHanna said...

Wonderful!!! This is such a dynamic, creative, energetic group. I loved reading their bios (below). Can't wait to read their reports and see their photos/videos.

nancy said...

So glad they all arrived safely...I can't wait to be there with them!

nancy said...
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Rose said...

I'm so glad to hear you've all gotten to your home in the West Bank safely!