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Summer Team Member- Tali

Hi everyone!

My name is Tali and I am one of the more recent additions to the summer team going to the West Bank. This spring I graduated from the University of Waterloo in Ontario where I studied Anthropology and Classical Studies. It was my love of travel and other cultures that first drew me into the study of anthropology so I am very excited to have this opportunity to travel with MPT this summer.

I first started to really pay attention to what has been happening with Israel and Palestine earlier this year when I took a political science course on the Middle East. Ever since, I have been researching the conflict and following it in the news as much as possible. I knew right away that I wanted to be involved in some way and figured experiencing the conflict first hand would be the best way. As I grew up in a Mennonite family, peace has been at foundation of my belief system and because of this Michigan Peace Team seemed like the perfect fit.

I am so grateful to MPT for giving me this opportunity and for all my friends and family who have been incredibly supportive and encouraging!


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