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Special Peace Team to Gaza, February 28, 2009

Photo from Fr. Musullam

During a phone interview on February 28, one of our friends living in Gaza shared memories and reflections regarding the recent Israeli bombing and invasion of Gaza. The person interviewed asked us not to use their name because it is a dangerous time. Instead we use pseudo name. Here are some excerpts from this sharing:

Question-Special Peace Team to Gaza:
During Israel’s most recent bombing and invasion of Gaza what happened to you and to the people you know and love?

As you remember our family home was destroyed by the Israeli army in 2004, as were many other homes and neighborhoods. All this was done to create their Philadelphia corridor. [The widened space the Israeli military had created between the Gaza and Egyptian border, where Israeli tanks can move]. We were homeless until we were able to get another home.

During the most recent bombing and invasion, our home and many others were damaged as bombs hit their targets. In our area, the Israeli army used F-16 planes and drones with missiles to attack us.

There were two deaths and many injuries in our neighborhood. One woman near us was hanging the family wash on the roof of her home when an attack came. She was killed, leaving many children without a mother. Another man was killed during another attack.

I was shocked that the Israeli army bombed a park for children in our area. Fifty were injured-37 children and 13 mothers. The bombers knew whom they are targeting. They targeted women and children.

In our town, three other children were killed when a bomb hit their home. And as I said many people were injured.

The people of Gaza know that the Israeli soldiers want to kill us. Did you hear me? The soldiers want to kill us.

Question-Special Peace Team to Gaza:
Has the siege ended?

It is not over. The Israeli army continues to shoot from the border. This happens many times. For example, last week a group of us were helping farmers in a field. Our people need food, so we were helping the farmers. For no reason the soldiers at the border starting shooting at us while we worked in the field. Why do they do this? They want to make us afraid and they want to kill us.

Question-Special Peace Team to Gaza:
How do you and your family and friends keep going?

The Israeli army tries to destroy everything. But they can’t kill Arabic way. They want to make us afraid. But it is not the Arabic way to be afraid.

If we are still alive, we believe life can get better. We do want to survive. We want to live. This is how we keep going.

It is very difficult now for all of us. Personally there is a dark part in my heart that I do not want. What I want is to live and to hold on to hope. Inshalla …

-- Posted by Peter and Liz

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