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Special Peace Team to Gaza, February 26, 2009

We Don't Know Where to Go

Here is Part Two of Fr. Manuel Musullam's penetrating analysis given to MPT Special Peace Team to Gaza 2009. He is Pastor of Holy Family Latin Catholic Church in Gaza City.

For the past 18 years, we have been looking for peace and justice with Israel - face to face, hand in hand and kiss to kiss. We are lost in the chasm of negotiations and agreements.

Israel wants peace and peace cannot be achieved without justice.

Israel says: Is it conceivable that a democratic state tolerates the shelling of its cities and citizens with rockets for 10 years and has 11 people killed? We respond with: Is it conceivable that any people accept to remain under 60 years of occupation without resisting?

The world remembers the handmade Hamas rockets, and it does not remember the developed phosphoric missiles from which we suffer every day.

If we resist, the world screams at us and labels us as terrorists and does not scream at those who have occupied us for six decades. Is it not a crme against humanity for us to live under occupation and humiliating siege all this time, 60 years?

When we attack a settlement that stole our land and the trees that sustain us, the world rebukes us and labels us as killers of innocent people, but the world does not lift a finger to remove a settlement that it recognizes as illegal and a war crime under the law.

Everyone screams: Peace and security for Israel and no one whispers: justice, Jerusalem, and return for Palestinians.

-- Posted by Peter and Liz

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