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Overnight at the Hebron Orphanage

On Tuesday night, June 25, 2008 MPT joined Christian Peacemakers in Hebron. They stayed overnight at the girls orphanage that had been raided by the Israeli military on April 30, 2008. Since the attack, there is an ongoing effort to make sure people are staying overnight in the buildings in case the army comes back. Fortunately, there were no problems on this particular night. It was a lovely evening with the local Palestinian organizers and provided some much needed rest after climbing the hills of Tuba.

The Israeli military has threatened, ordered closures, and/or raided multiple buildings in Hebron, including the girls’ and boys’ orphanages, high schools, bakeries, stores, and apartments simply because they are run by the Islamic Charitable Society. For more information visit http://www.hebronorphans.blogspot.com/.

When MPT arrived, they were given a tour of these buildings throughout Hebron which have been attacked and ransacked by the Israeli army.


This bakery was attacked by the Israeli army on April 16, 2008. The military stole everything inside, destroyed the oven, and trashed the place, breaking down walls as they went. This bakery had produced 3,000 loaves of bread a day. It had been a source of food for the orphanages and the surrounding neighborhood, and a source of income for the orphanages.

The Israeli military has issued a closure order for the entire building which also includes a barbershop, a store, and apartments for thirty families.


This building was given its closure notice on March 6, 2008 by the Israeli military. Almost all the shops have moved out. On the upper floors of the building there were physical therapists, lawyers, and a dentist who have all left.

On the fourth floor, there was a Children’s Assistance Office which was raided. The Israeli army took everything.

This building is right next to the UN building in Hebron.

Boys High School

This high school is under threat of being closed. The principal has been in prison under administrative detention (which is to say, he has not been charged with anything) for almost one year. The Israeli motive for imprisoning this person seems to be a desire to undermine Palestinian education.

Bakery #2

A second bakery was also raided by the Israeli military. Everything was ripped out including the stoves and even the ventilation system.


This warehouse was attacked by the Israeli military on March 2, 2008 from 10:00 pm until 9:00 am. The military stole two school buses and three industrial size refrigerators. They couldn’t fit the refrigerators through the doors, so they destroyed the walls.

They trashed the employee kitchen.

They removed almost everything from a warehouse packed with clothes for the poor and food for the girls’ orphanage. The girls felt very vulnerable after having had their food taken.

There were also empty offices where the army broke the doors for no reason.

Girls High School

This beautiful high school was just completed and was scheduled to open this fall. Now the gates to the schoolyard have all been welded shut by Israeli soldiers.

Boys Orphanage

On April 3, 2008 the army showed up and arrested a worker who is now being held in administrative detention. The army has not yet closed any operating schools, but they face the threat of closure at any time.

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