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An Ever Present Threat to Tuba

Eric and Martha arrived at the Ibrahim Bedouin family tent as the school children were returning home. These children are escorted every school day by an Israeli army jeep and under the watchful eyes of internationals to protect them from attacks by Israeli settlers. The school session ends soon, so a gift of crayons and paper seemed ideal for summer fun. No one has suggested what he might draw, but no one was very surprised at what the boy drew.
The young boy begins immediately to draw. [MPT Eric in background.]

An Israeli military jeep escorts the school children through the dangerous Israeli settlement. Note the forested hill with houses and the chicken barns.

Armed Israeli soldiers and army jeeps, a sign of protection and fear, are part of the daily life of this boy.

How different life needs to be for these children!

In the evening, the family sons, young shepherds, requested Eric and Martha to accompany them as they herded their sheep and goats near the illegal Israeli settlement. Everyone kept an eye toward the nearby house of the often-violent settler security guard.

The animals graze on the family land near the illegal settler chicken barns.
A watchful eye is needed. At any time Israeli settlers may cross
the hill to steal or injure the animals or people.

The family hopes to harvest the ripe wheat growing in their field near
the illegal settlement. Settlers often use violence to prevent harvesting.

Eric left soon for the states, but remembers the tenacity and the beauty of the people who love their life and their land. A better day is coming is everyone’s hope.

A tenacious and lovely desert flower.

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